"I'll Have What He's Having"

Artwork by @victoriadespo

The newest in new, "I'll Have What He's Having". Johnny in the Basements second studio recording following 2018's 'Chasing The Feeling EP'. This EP will consist of four brand new original JITB tracks. Recorded late summer of 2019 at the Zebra Ranch in Coldwater, MS. Frontman Will Bart and drummer Jordan Godfrey hit the studio for two days to conjure up some freshly baked tracks. The next 48 hours were nothing short of the time of their lives. "We went down with a very vague idea of what the songs were gonna be, but as is usually the case, the Zebra Ranch had different ideas. On the Zebra Ranch website former players who have gone through the studio are listen as "past victims" which is apt considering the vibe in the place is all over, and Jim is absolutely f'ing with you from the other side. No click track, just straight up live tracking in the studio playing off of each other the entire time. We had three songs we knew we were gonna record, but over the course of the sessions slowly we were throwing ideas off each other left and right, up and down, if the idea was thrown out in the room it was addressed and often added to the track in question. Sure enough this lead to the spontaneous composition of the EP's title track 'I'll Have What He's Having'." The EP will be out this summer and will be available to stream on all platforms!