Johnny in the Basement is a Psychedelic World Boogie Roots Rock collective from NY creating and bringing new life to one of the greatest genres of music, the blues. Based around frontman Will Bart who's extensive influences can be heard through his unique guitar style.JITB is a young up and coming band jam packed with musical prowess with a message that could only be delivered by through their music and live performance. From NYC to Mississippi and back again JITB leaves it all on the stage!

"Keep your eyes on amazing new guitarist Wil Bart. His band Johnny in the Basement finished recording their forthcoming EP "I'll Have What He's Having" at producer/musician Luther Dickinson's Zebra Ranch Studios..."

- Phil Ivy Jungleroom.com

Check out these clips of some of our upcoming tunes from the

Z E B R A  R A N C H. 

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Don't forget to LIKE & FOLLOW JITB!