JITB // Bobbiques!

Bobbiques, 70 W Main Street, Patchogue, NY 11772


Wow! Has it already been 446 years since the Dutch rebels beat the Spanish Navy during the Battle of Delft, in the midst of the 80 years war for Dutch Independence from Spain. Time flies when you're revolting, tell you that much. It must be a proper time to celebrate then, JITB style with all our friends. Join us for this night of wonderful music as we play songs you've heard before and more than likely a couple you've never heard before all in a unique style that will surely have you stompin yo feet. Accompanying myself as the JITB Rebels for the night we will have... David Godfrey Matt Godfrey Mike O'Donnell Tyler Goldstein and Danny Roman and we will be throwing it down 1537 style.

Let's show the Dutch why even after almost 500 years we still have cause to celebrate on October 11!

BOBBIQUE in Patchogue FREE // 21+ 8 - MIdnight